Xuyun Zeng


Born: Singapore
Raised: Singapore

Hello, I am Xuyun.

When I went to the University of Toronto, I met a lot of Chinese people from countries I’d never think they’d be in. I had lunch with a Chinese Jamaican and met a Chinese Guatemalan, and another from Honduras.

The history of Overseas Chinese spans far and wide, but most Chinese people know little of our community in the far reaches of the world.

This project aims to find out what binds all of us Chinese people together.




Hola, me llamo Xuyun.

La finalidad de este blog es para crear un puente entre todos nosotros chinos.

Nuestra migración es una historia larga y se puede encontrar gente china por todo el mundo. Quiero descubrir la historia de nuestra comunidad para que nos entiendamos mejor.